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University Associates

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Silicon Valley

The University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) and Foothill-De Anza Community College District have formed a public-private partnership to establish a new sustainable community on approximately 77 acres of land in the NASA Research Park (NRP), Moffett Field, California.

The proposed development will feature state-of-the-art housing, research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, and work environments to form an integrated, sustainable community.

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World Expo 2020 would drive $5.6 billion to Silicon Valley economy.
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sustainable community


  • To demonstrate a new model for public-private partnership through the creation of a unique, sustainable urban community in the heart of Silicon Valley that will nurture innovation and education by integrating world-class laboratories, classrooms, work areas and housing on a "bright green" environment.
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    To educate and train the technologists, researchers, and leaders required to keep Silicon Valley at the forefront of innovation and success.
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    To help foster and sustain economic prosperity throughout the region and nation.
sustainable community

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  • To design and build a bold, new, mixed-use development of nearly 3 million square feet on approximately 77 acres of land in the NASA Research Park located at the NASA Ames Research Center in the heart of California's Silicon Valley
  • To create a 'meta-university' concept that facilitates new discoveries and technological innovation through the power of interaction, integration and collaboration and the 'pooling' of resources amongst partner academic institutions, encompassing instructors, researchers, lab and classroom space and equipment.
  • To build our integrated, meta-university community on a brand-new 'bright green' infrastructure featuring maximum wastewater recycling and renewable energy generation, minimal potable water demand, transportation alternatives that encourage foot, bicycle and mass-transit usage, and a minimal carbon footprint.
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    To create a portal to the sister universities and colleges of the academic partners while also providing access to the networks and collaborations these universities share with important national and international educational institutions.
sustainable community

Foothill-De Anza


Development Vision

State of the art housingThe University Development Area at the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Research Park in Silicon Valley will encompass a dynamic new sustainable mixed use community that intends to have a minimal carbon footprint. The former Moffett Naval Air Station, owned by the NASA Ames Research Center, will be transformed into a next-generation research community.
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University Associates Silicon Valley Californina
University Associates Silicon Valley Californina University Associates Silicon Valley Californina
University Associates Silicon Valley Californina

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University Associates Silicon Valley Californina
University Associates Silicon Valley Californina